Everything is Bigger in Texas

   They say, "Everything is bigger in Texas," and for the most part that's just a bunch of talk. But in some instances it is spot on. Last week I went to a place that makes a prime example of this statement. Armadillos Texas-Style Burgers is a little hole in the wall with a big secret. It is the home to a burger that makes Texans proud. Or ashamed, I can't figure out which yet.
   Usually when food is big, quality is small. When you order the big novelty item off the menu, more often than not you are paying for a large, but bland, order of whatever it is they serve. This is not the case here though. The burger is not only gut busting, but pretty good to boot. Before you think of going and getting this burger alone, unless you are planning to take 3/4 of the burger home, it's best to bring about 3-4 other people because it really can feed that many.
We usually go with the whole family and get one burger.
   On this particular day the chicken strips sucked. But I have been there before and remember them being pretty good. I guess don't expect much from them though. They were in the frier too long and it looked like someone accidentally spilled a little Tabasco on them before bringing them out to us. Also, if you have a disabled and/or elderly person with you this place IS NOT wheel chair friendly. The place is very cramped, walkways are very narrow, and the parking lot is a pain in the ass. There are supposedly three parking lots but one is completely across the street and the other is a myth told by the staff like uncle Joe's encounter with the chupacabra. The one across the street is fine until you've actually eaten the burger and need to roll to your car rather than walk. But for a person in a wheel chair, this really isn't ideal. If you park in the main parking lot in front of the building all I have to say is, "Good luck." It fits maybe 3 cars abreast and is usually packed with big Texan sized trucks that have never seen a tow hitch in their lives. Try backing out and it's as good as going reverse in the Indy 500 because it exits out onto a pretty busy street.
  With all that aside, it's a pretty fun experience. The food is pretty good, you have a personal juke box at your table, and the atmosphere is pretty nice despite elbow room being a commodity worth your first born. I'd gladly recommend this place to anyone looking for somewhere interesting to eat.