I'm gonna make a scene

   My name is Alex and I am making a blog. Read it. Be amazed. (no guarantees of amazement)
   This will be my second attempt at a blog. I made one before an never followed through with it for various reasons. Don't ask questions. But anyways I liked it, so I thought I'd give it another go. Who will read it? Probably no one, but here it is, and maybe it will entertain that one person with a boring job years down the road.

   I live in San Antonio Texas and I will be 24 years old. I was born and raised in El Paso Texas, a boring little town that is actually bigger than it wants people to know. Like those 5 extra pounds you "didn't" gain over the holidays. I enjoy photography as a hobby and I have had a few photos make money too. I am no professional, but it's kind of nice seeing your hobby make you a dime every now and then. My next hobby is to get into video and "make a scene." I have had a few stabs at it and I am not good yet. I'm no Hollywood blockbuster DP, but it's a fun thing to learn.

  So I guess that's it. The rest you can find out by reading my oh so interesting and funny blog. (no guarantees of interest or humor)