On the Basics

  So I suppose I have been a bit critical in the past of point and shoot or cell phone photographers. I guess that is quite short sighted of me for a few reasons. In the past I have said that just because you can afford a nice expensive camera does not mean you are a photographer. I still hold to that advice and I will continue to say that until the day I can no longer hold a camera. (That will be the day I die if I have any say about it.) But I understand that you buy a camera to learn how to use it. I certainly did. I mean, you can't learn to ride a horse without being on one.
   To all those who have bought a camera with the intentions of learning, I applaud you. I understand though that stepping up from a point and shoot or cell phone camera is quite a huge learning curve. So for those people I want to start creating posts about the basics of photography. Everything from aperture to composition and even right down to editing. As a disclaimer, I am not the end all be all expert on photography. There are many out there that are ten times better than me, and many out there who have different styles than me. But if anything I say helps one person understand the basics just a little bit better then I have done what I set out to do. Be looking for more posts about the basics of photography in the future. If you like them, or know someone who is a beginner to the world of photography, please share these posts!
   Whip out your camera and make a scene!