I can't speak for everyone, but I think something a lot of photographers including myself struggle with is the idea of perfection. It's kind of a human condition I think, not just one exclusive to photographers, but creatives in general seem to be more sensitive to the idea of perfection.

   I certainly have to struggle with the idea of perfection in my photography. It is kind of a funny thing too because I never expect perfection from anything or anyone except for myself. I also do not ever think I am or ever will be perfect and I don't know if I would even enjoy being perfect. Kind of a conflicting set of views wouldn't you think? I know that people are imperfect, I know our world is imperfect and in my photography I try to show this as truthfully as possible. At the same time however, I strive to be as perfect as I can be.
   In some instances that perfection in art and creativity is a good thing. It means you consistently deliver work of a certain caliber. But in some instances it is debilitating because while you were trying over and over to achieve perfection, you missed or cut out what was important. Sometimes perfection, in photography especially, is what makes a great work of art but in some cases imperfection tells the best story. Imperfection relates to the viewer most I feel because of human imperfection. Less often does a stunningly perfectly composed and edited photo appeal to a person on this same level.
   In a previous post I promised to begin writing on the basics of photography. My original plan was to write a post on the topic the very next day. Turns out I did not post the very next day and it all came down to perfection. I knew how I wanted my post to look, sound, and feel. I knew all of this but instead of just going and writing the thing I wasted time figuring it out in my head first.
   So then what is correct? On the one hand I said perfection in a creative is a good thing, but on the other I said imperfection is more appealing and sometimes just better for actually getting something done. I wouldn't consider myself a perfectionist as a whole. Take one look at my room and you would understand what I mean. But also there is a certain standard you should hold yourself, your work, and everything in your life to. So what is too much and what is too little? Is there a perfect balance? I'm not sure. Again I say that I never expect any one person to be perfect. I love imperfection in people. But for myself I don't know where the line is drawn between good enough and unobtainable. What do you all think?

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