Almost a Death Scene

   I made a new vlog. Hopefully the quality is better this time.

  As a vlogger I follow would say, "This is a laundry vlog," meaning it's not something to watch, but rather something to listen to while you are folding your laundry, picking your nose, watching paint dry, whatever. It's a story about a time I almost died. Check it out!

Also, I will be in Japan next month! I hope to share my experiences with anyone who reads my blog. I will take a lot of photos, of course, write lots of blogs, and most importantly, show a bunch of videos. If you want to see a new culture, see Japan, keep up with what I am doing, be sure to look for these videos/blogs starting June 9th 2014.

If you think my story time videos are boring, please tell me how I can improve my videos or tell me to ditch the story time videos completely. I am new to this stuff so it is all trial and error. The videos from Japan won't be as boring I promise.