Attack of the Finals!

   Next week is finals time and holy crap do I hate this part of the semester. This is the part where you have to remember crap from months ago.

   Studying is an interesting affair. It's not so hard because of the actual material for me, that's the easy part. It is having to fight with myself to actually study that's tough. I don't know how I get any studying done at all. Half the time my mind is on games, a quarter of the time it is on food, and the other quarter is actually on what I am looking at. (Probably less.)

   Whatever happened to take home or open book tests? I liked those, I wish I was back in middle school. Stuff was so much easier then.

   To all those going through the gauntlet that is finals, good luck to you! As for me, I am pretty confident I am ready. What about you guys? Are you ready? Are you going to bribe the professor?

I wonder what's for dinner....
My brain on finals week