To Film Or Not To Film

   From Tokyo Japan, I say, "こんばんわ!"

   As you may have seen already I have been supplementing this blog with video style blogs instead. First off, I want to know what you think. Do you like video blogs more/less/the same as written blogs? Which would you rather see on a daily basis, or would you rather see both?

   Personally for me I enjoy written blogs a little more. It is fun to bring out the camera and film something every now and then, but I think I'd rather do that as a one off thing. I say that, and I feel torn as I do. I really do want to get better at video, but I just do not feel my place is in front of the camera. I am just not the TV personality Hollywood is gunning for. Although with these stunning good looks... they really should. What is wrong with this world?

   I suppose eventually I will be better at the video aspect of this all and no matter what I will continue to try and improve that skill. But first and foremost I love still photography. There is something special about hitting that shutter button and trying your hardest to capture every emotion, sight, sound, smell, and taste all in a single frame. What I have found is that I have been neglecting my photography for video. This is something I did not anticipate going into this little project of mine, and something I feel a bit ashamed about.

   Keep in mind that photography takes a lot of time and focus. Some days I can go out with the intention of capturing a whole event and end up with absolutely zero worthy photos. That is the nature of photography. The point however is that you have to pour all of your energy and attention into capturing absolutely nothing sometimes. You do it knowing you may get nothing, but trying to bring in that one worthy photo. That one worthy photo comes from absolute focus. It's "All in or nothing," as this huge sign says.

   What I have found though is that I am not focusing as much as I want to on my photography. Instead I am splitting my focus between video and still photography. Sometimes I will even have to think to myself, "Should I record this area? Do I already have enough clips for a full video?" when I should be thinking, "Is this the right light? Will this photo accurately represent this place?" and so on.

   So as I said before, I am torn. I really do like doing video blogs, but it is not where my heart is. It really is in photography and being able to sit down and write these blogs.

   That is not to say that I will never do video blogs again. In fact I wish to do more of them in the future. But I think they will be more planned out with time set aside specifically for video capture and nothing else. I am having a very hard time splitting my attention at the moment for both things.

   Anyways I just wanted to know what my readers think. What do you like best?