Like Starting a Cold Engine

   Hello everyone. Last time you heard from me on this blog I was half dead. I assure you I have not followed the light and I am alive and well. My wounds from my motorcycle accident are basically healed. The plate in my arm is the only thing really giving me issues, I don't know if my left arm will ever be 100% but only time will tell I suppose.

   But that's not what this is about of course. The past is the past and I would really like it to stay that way. However I do feel a small sense of obligation to those of you who read this blog to explain my absence. I was simply far more involved in just healing quickly. I hated being completely useless for so long and all time and energy was invested in regrowing skin, healing bones, and regaining strength.

   In truth I tried to start back up my blogging numerous times before this. I like having a blog. I like writing, sharing my ideas, and helping whenever I can. However, like starting a cold engine, it has taken quite a few tries to actually get to this point where I felt I was ready to actually write a full post worth reading. The funny part is, this post really isn't worth reading except to know what is going on with me. The only thing to gain from this post is that I am back and I plan to continue my weekly blog posts. So if you enjoyed those, there you go.

   I will just keep this one short and give my readers a few updates. As I said before my accident is almost completely behind me. I have started school again, (HELP!) and besides that I don't think much else has changed. I did buy a new oldish lens so for those interested in photography I will be testing that out as soon as it is delivered. I did get a few other toys, I wonder if anyone is interested in any of that stuff? Maybe I'll talk about a few of those for anyone interested in purchasing these things. I don't know we'll see. Guess that's it. Be looking for new posts from me starting next week.

Oh right. If anyone plays World Of Warcraft I started a raiding guild. I got a bit tired of being in hardcore raiding guilds and listening to people yell at each other over 1k DPS differences so I decided to take a step back from that hardcore stuff and just raid Normal difficulty. It is, sadly, very slow going getting a raid team together so if you are interested in helping us out I am playing Alliance on Whisperwind. If you are interested send me a message here or something.