UTSA Goes Medieval

   One thing I find interesting about going to a university is the big mix of stuff that happens on any given day. Different people are into different things and there are so many different people in any one university that sometimes this stuff just seems to spill out into the hallways and courtyards.

   Like this just the other day. Here I am walking to the most boring class I have ever taken and I come across this. On a Monday no less. What are these guys? Vikings? Sorry, I have no real clue about Viking history so if I am wrong please correct me. I should know too, as they had a whole presentation on what they were demonstrating. They seemed to have a lot of knowledge about this stuff because they quickly drew a crowd and everyone was listening intently. Everyone but me however. When I get into my photography mode I kind of stop listening to everything.

   By the way, please forgive any mistakes in the photos, there are a lot. I am quite out of practice after that long hiatus.

   Anyways these guys eventually went at it full force showing different fighting tactics from the period. They were really good at what they did and their weapons hit pretty hard. Although their weapons were blunt, you know they still hurt.
I wonder where they got their armor and weapons and stuff. This stuff was really well put together. They all looked like movie extras.

   Anyways here are some photos of this display. I believe they were students. I would have gotten contact info for them if I could have but I was on my way to a class. If anyone knows who these guys are tell me please so I can give them credit.