The Weather

Screw this weather. The End.

   Yesterday my little group and I went on an adventure into Seoul. We saw quite a few things including a palace performance. Unfortunately, however, I cannot say I have much to show you on the matter. I will surely be going back to these places in the near future because I absolutely could not focus on sight seeing.

   "Could not focus" is an understatement. I was completely shocked by the amount of absolute suck that is South Korean weather. I have never in my life experienced heat like this. I was born and raised in a very dry climate. With that comes sweltering heat its true. But this heat was on a different scale. The reason for that was the humidity. Embarrassing and uncomfortable does not begin to explain the way I felt sweating profusely while walking around. I looked like I had never walked more than 10 feet in my life. It wasn't the actual activity though. I could have stood in one spot the whole day and been sweating just the same amount.

   Anyways all my complaining aside, I really liked what I saw. I need to go back for sure, but I think that will have to wait for a cooler season. I will show a couple of photos I tried to take but they aren't great at all. My mind was more like, "Please stop sweating," than, "What is my shutter speed?" So forgive me.